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Prototyping Flow


From concept to low volume production, we can work with you to develop a prototype PCB assembly.  Our custom electronic assembly and prototyping electronics assembly services allow flexibility with regards to diverse price needs.  Whether on a consignment or turnkey basis, Wytan is capable of fulfilling all requirements of the job.

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Producibility Engineering


Our no cost producibility analysis is geared to reduce and eliminate potential manufacturing problems at the prototype circuit board level. Whether your circuit board is a single layer PCB, 2 layer PCB, 4 layer PCB, or 16 layer PCB, the analysis includes a review of compliance with good design guidelines and evaluation of process compatibility. 

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Product Scope


Wytan has extensive experience in Printed Circuit Board assemblies, focusing as a Surface Mount Manufacturer on a contract basis. Whether you need a Turnkey Circuit Board Assembly, PCB rework and repair, or design services, Wytan is your one-stop shop. Wytan offers complete assembly of all configurations of surface mount, mixed technology

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Our Standards

Wytan is capable of meeting a variety of industry requirements for the acceptability of electronic assemblies. Wytan makes an active effort to keep its internal quality systems up to date with the most recent industry standards including IPC-A-610E class 1, class 2, and class 3. Our documented quality system ensures the construction of the highest quality products and most of all compliance with the specific requirements of our customers. Wytan’s state of the art facility is home to a temperature and humidity controlled, semi-clean room manufacturing environment. Prevention of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is accomplished through our EPA (Electrostatic Protective Area), where precautions are taken in order to avoid the charge build-up on ESD sensitive electronics. Some of these precautions include grounding all conductive materials, grounding our workers, and ensuring that any and all highly charging materials are clear from the EPA vicinity.